Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life for Today

It's been 9 days since I've written and wanted to make a post.  I returned to the office on Wednesday.  For most people this wouldn't be a good thing, but for me it felt good and productive.  I am setting up a new morning schedule between the two dogs and two cats, me, packing lunch.  What would I do if I had children?  LOL 

It's been a busy 9 days.  Princess Kate managed to get her paw caught in the front door the other day.  She's been limping around but its getting better.  I took her to the vet and they wanted $190 to x-ray it and if something was broken another $120 to cast it, plus the follow up visits.  To x-ray her paw they wanted to anesthecise her - and I said she was only 7 weeks old - forget it.  Fortunately she is doing better.  So, she got her first round of puppy shots while we were there and I'm shopping for a more affordable vet.

My organic garden is doing well. Thank you Elizabeth for your help in setting it up.  It's only a week old but I anticipate it will be bursting with color, fruits and vegetables soon.  It gets watered every morning when I fill the dog's water bowl.  So we have an outside routine too.  Doggies like the outside and it certainly gives the cats some time off.

I was asked to be interviewed on Shift Radio Talk Show and I'm looking forward to it.  SHIFT is a program I got involved in when I was looking to create a new relationship with food.  It is a hypnosis based weight management program that I just love.  I lost 45 pounds in the first year and plan to drop my last 45 pounds this next year.  I never had a diet or a "food plan"  I simply shifted the way I thought about the food I give my body and the weight just released itself.  Usually 1/2 to 1 pound a week which was is the healthy way to do it.  Rita Black is the owner of the SHIFT program and if you are interested in her work you can find her at .  Give her a ring and she'll let you know if she can help you out.  It worked for me and I've never been able to release more than 10 pounds on any of the other weight loss programs out there.

This is it for today.  I'm off to the office!

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