Tuesday, September 6, 2011

50 and Fabulous!

On August 29th I turned a fabulous 50 years old.  While I believe it is only a number, it was a fun one to celebrate.  I really wanted to invite 200 of my friends and family but my back yard and house would only hold 100.  The Birthday Bash took place on Saturday, August 27th.  I have to say, it was just what I wanted and it was soooo much fun. This evening was filled with the love of my friends and family, fun, and friendship.  I cooked for everyone!

The Food!  We started with an incredible antipasta table filled with Italian meats and cheeses, olives, artichokes, olive tempenada, and the yummiest fresh mozzarella balls from a cousins cheese shop.  For dinner we feasted on baked ziti, Italian sausage with sweet peppers in sauce, and a vegetable bow tie pasta dish along with fresh french rolls from the local Italian shop in Gardena.  Dessert was an incredible cake from Torrance Bakery with a rum flavored custard (not quite the rum cake I'm used to but it was truly beautiful), we had eduldge from Eagle Rock Bakery (a family favorite dessert compliment - a custard filled frosted pastry) and a liquore compliment of Limonchello (from Sorrento), Sambuca (which we called Anisette as a child) and Amaretto.  When I was a kid my mom would have made these liquores but that unfortunately is no longer an option. It was all good food and good wine for a fabulous feast with those that I love.  While most thought I was crazy to cook for this many people it was what I wanted to share with everyone.  By the way~ the cake was so good everyone ate it!  Somehow the kids got to the eduldge before they were served (which I wasn't surprised and could only laugh) and I hope everyone got at least one of these incredible Italian desserts.   This was my gift of love to all who have given me so much over the years.  I am humbled at the turn out and ever so grateful to be so loved.

My love and gratitude goes to you all.  While I couldn't invite everyone I wanted to see that day, the key was to have quality time with the people I did invite.  It was a great dinner party and I hope I got to spend time everyone. 

I couldn't have done it alone.  My incredible friend Elizabeth kept me on track before and during the party and set up the table decorations, my sister in-law did the flower arrangements both for the house and for the tables in addition to setting up a kids table with fun things for the kids to do during the party.  My fabulous brothers - Tony and John - set up the canopy with a chandiller of twinkle lights for atmosphere and the wireless speakers for the music.  John created an incredible mix of Italian music with some contemporary music (which I must get a copy of) and my dad pitched in to help out with helping to fund this grand event. And my friend Jeanine came over the two nights before to assemble the ziti's and sausage and make sure we were ready to roll on Satuday.  This is the village of people who made this party sparkle for you all.  Thank you to each and I am so blessed to have you in my daily life!

When I find a picture of the party - I'll post it but for now I wanted to start posting more regularly.