Friday, January 25, 2013


I woke up this morning thinking about my blogs.  I haven't written in so long and having a way to journal my journey is so important.  Shift Focusing is about my journey in shifting my thinking from unhealthy things to healthy things.  I often mention my animals, friends, and people or businesses that I have, know and utilize in my life.

Today I want to talk about SHIFTING.  I've been working with hypnosis to help me eat healthier, and as a result I release weight.  For me ~ it works.  I don't do things like act like a banana when I hear a certain word.  The concept of this type of hypnosis is to relax your mind so your unconscious is willing to receive new healthy thoughts and ideas.  This then allows the conscious mind to make "better bad choices."  The practice of self hypnosis is great for stress or dealing with situations and I love it.
I had a conversation with my neurosurgeon, Dr. Hsiesh at USC about the importance of keeping my weight down to prevent future problems. He performed my back surgery in October 2012.  Calculating the calories burned each day is important to keep the balance and to increase exercise for a healthier lifestyle, and weight release. The reality is, its about the calories in. Dr. Hsiesh kept repeating, "Stephanie.  It is about calories in."  It took him four times saying. "Stephanie. It is about calories in" before it hit me and I really knew he is right.

By the way, my back surgery was a success in my book. I am not able to do much exercise yet but we are waiting for the bones to fuse in my L4 & L5. This is my biggest challenge. Walking is about all I can do for exercise now - however I am waiting for a referral to a knee specialist before I take off again. I love the walk between the Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach Pier. It is a hare under 4 miles and per my pedometer - it is about 10,000 steps.

A challenge for me in SHIFTING is keeping a food journal and counting the "calories in." I haven't really had to restrict my food intake, I've only changed it. Now I get to eat more! LOL When you eat healthy foods, it feeds your body and you are not as hungry. Journaling helps you track your "mind talk" and holds you accountable for your actions and also to learn about your trigger foods and what causes you to eat things that might not be in your best interest. You see. . . SHIFTING IS ALL ABOUT ME.

If anyone decides to read this blog today and are intereted in participating in the SHIFT program you can contact Rita Black at You can check out the web site any time and see the programs Rita Black has and find your way to make life work better for you. As for me. Keeping my weight low will be key to the future of my health, back and knee injuries.

On Saturday, January 26, 2013 I will attend the SHIFT program and renew my focus on SHIFTING.  The best part is you set your goals with regard to weight release and you can eat anything you want.  When I started I was hooked on See's California Brittle.  I so love the buttery taste of the brittle with the chocolate.  Well I figured out that two of them were 120 calories - so I worked it into my food plan.  Today, I only have California Brittle on a special occasion, and only if it is in front of me!

Peace for today and always ~ Stephanie