Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shift Focusing

So many people have suggested that I start a blog, so here I am.  My blog is called Shift Focusing as I am continually having to shift my focus in life.  The realizations I've had over the past few years have been invaluable to me.  My friends and family thought others might learn something from my personal experiences.  I've chosen several books to use as guides for my transition and have reached to incredible people along the way.  I will share these resources with you should you decide you are interested in some new, or reinforced insight to my situation, or yours.  This is a personal journey of realizations and my blog is not meant to make anyone feel bad.  These shifts or realizations I have made are personal to me and and based on my perceptions.  I hope you enjoy the journey as this is about my life shifting focus to a new and healthier way of life.

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